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Knotwork LA

Knotwork LA is the line of Linda Hsiao and Kagan Taylor. It was created as a outlet to identify the work they do in their spare time. It began as evenings and weekends spent in the shop and studio, precious pieces of wood saved from other projects or found while hiking, ideas that came to them in the middle of the night, and a desire to create beautiful, useful things.

The Rattle was the birth of Knotwork LA. Linda and Kagan originally designed it for good friends who recently had a child. It was almost too beautiful to give away!  But instead they created a second shape and began spending all their spare time producing them.

The rattles are still handmade by the two artists in small batches in their small studio in LA - ready for each baby that is born. We think it is the most beautiful newborn gift!

Great products soon to come